2018 Programme

This years Programme is based on: The Planets Suite

Gustav Holst.  English Composer (21 September 1874 – 25 May 1934)

This is a seven movement orchestral suite by English composer Gustav Holst  written between 1914 –16. Each movement of the suite is named after a planet of the solar system.  Each Movement is intended to convey ideas and emotions associated with the influence of the Planets on the Psych.  The theme will be interpreted by Colour, texture, imagination and interpretation.

SPRING TERM --- (Planets: Mars, Venus & Mercury)


9th January --- New Year Meal -- The Horseshoes, Dorrington.  Meet 7pm, Eat 7.30pm.  For Club Members and guest.


16th January ---  Demonstration by Barbara Evans --- "Mars The Bringer of War".


30th January --- Practical session on "Mars The Bringer of War".  To use the music and interpret the theme using styles of arrangements we have been developing over the last 12 months.  PLUS Club Competition From December  “Not a Traditional Christmas Tree”.


6th February  --- Demonstration by Trish Payne --- "Venus The Bringer of Peace"


20th February --- Practical session on "Venus The Bringer of Peace".  To use the music and interpret the theme using styles of arrangements we have been doing over the last 2 years.


27th February ---7pm START -- Workshop led by Trish Payne "Mercury The Winged Messenger"


6th March  ---  Demonstration by Donna Cieslik --- "Mercury The Winged Messenger".  Another Interpretation.


13th March --- Demonstration by Suzanne, Carol & Sandie.  Taking any of the 3 planets covered in the Spring Term and giving it a "Modern Twist


20th March ---7pm START ~~~ Club Social Evening With Food & Drinks Provided By The Club.  Also to "Do on the Night" your own Easter Arrangement OR to Bring it in ready done


SUMMER TERM --- (Planets:  Jupiter & Saturn)


10th April ~~~ Demonstration by Suzanne McKie ~~~ Jupiter " The Bringer of Jollity"


24th April --- Practical session --- Jupiter " The Bringer of Jollity"


8th May --- 7pm START --- Workshop led by guest tutor Debbie Wellington.  To make a small Basket or Handbag


22nd May --- Demonstration by Barbara Evans --- Saturn "The Bringer of Old Age"


5th June --- Practical Session --- Saturn "The Bringer of Old Age"


19th June --- Demonstration by Barbara --- "PLUTO" !!!  (“Pluto, the Renewer”)


26th June --- Summer Meal -- Fish & Chips at The New Inn, Hook-a-Gate.  Meet 7pm, Eat 7.30pm.  For Club Members and their guest


3rd July --- 7pm START -- Workshop led by Barbara Evans -- Imposed Class.  Club to provide flowers.  Members to provide their own container. (Suggestions of containers will be advised).


10th July 7.30pm --- Our Annual Open evening at Cross Houses Community Centre

With Guest demonstrator Ann Gater.  The title of her demonstration is: "I Can See A Rainbow"

There will be a home-made cake stall and raffle "on the night"


AUTUMN TERM --- (Planets:  Neptune & Uranus)


4th September --- Talk by Shrewsbury Town Crier Martin Wood


18th September ---  Demonstration by Trish Payne --- "Neptune The Mystic"


2nd October --- AGM --- followed by Practical Session

"Neptune The Mystic"


16th October --- 7pm START -- Workshop led by Barbara Evans --- "Uranus The Magician" (Using Box Frames)


30th October --- Practical session ---  "Uranus The Magician"


13th November --- Demonstration by Donna Cieslik --- "The Planet Suite"


27th November  --- Demonstration by Trish & Suzanne --- "The Planet Suite & Christmas"


4th December --- Afternoon Visit to Attingham to see the house decorated for Christmas


11th December --- Christmas Social Evening.  Including Club competition:  “Gustav Holst Comes to Dinner”,  Christmas Raffle and Raffle for Homemade Christmas Cake